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Orton Completes Family Double

Bodybuilders complete a 60-second individual official website posing routine, before competitors are then compared against each other. They are judged on their shape, workout routine symmetry, condition and size. The Orton family have had a wonderful year with their bodybuilding with Kagan's older brother, Steve, claiming this year's NABBA world title in Italy. Orton said bodybuilding required a huge sacrifice and was very much a lifestyle choice. In preparation for major competitions he diets for four months, where he trims down from his usual 115kg weight to around 100kg. "When I go out on stage I'm 100kg of muscle," he said. Orton sticks to whole foods, including rice, chicken, fish, steak, eggs and green vegetables. He said he had to be careful about what kind of food he put into his body.
Full story: http://www.stuff.co.nz/the-press/sport/9467441/Orton-completes-family-double

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